Oxmoor Mazda demolishes showroom to make way for a new one

Out with the old, in with the new.

You might have noticed recently that a good portion of the Oxmoor Mazda showroom, at 7913 Shelbyville Road, just east of Oxmoor Center, has been torn down. It’s not closing. Rather, the demolition has taken place to make way for an all-new showroom — which should be open by summer if everything goes as planned. It will be a brand new building, from top to bottom, said Bob Gunnell, who ownsBoxcar Strategies LLC, a public relations firm hired by dealership owner Oxmoor Autogroup. The only part of the old building that’s left standing is a garage, he said. The dealership is still open amid the construction work as Oxmoor Mazda has moved its office into a modular building onsite.

Two Louisville-based companies, VBN Architects Inc. and Prodigy Construction Corp. Inc., have been tapped for the project. About 35 jobs are expected to be created with the expansion. Gunnell declined to disclose the project cost or to say whether Mazda Motor Corp. has put any money up for the reconstruction.