Bank of Louisville Branches

During the 1990’s, VBNA collaborated with the Bank of Louisville’s David Klein to build ten branch banking facilities. The following three branches have been selected from the ten: Broadway, Shively, and Middletown. The materials used were arranged to show the layout of the programmatic elements. The more traditional functions/elements of the bank were built with masonry bearing construction (the vault, the teller stations and offices, etc.). The more modern functions (the ATM machine, drive-thru, and night deposit) were constructed from a steel frame and aluminum panels.

Project Team:
MEP Engineers: Forst and Associates
Structural Engineers: Slesser Engineering

The Broadway Branch’s functions are organized along a central axis and it’s volumes reflect the front porch, shotgun house prototype which predominates the community of West End Louisville.

The Shively Branch was sited at a 45 degree angle to the road to provide maximum visibility to traffic of both the drive-thru lanes and the bank entry. Concrete masonry was featured in the lobby as the major finish material, continuing the exterior masonry indoors.

The Middletown Branch is organized and sited to present its drive-thru services to Highway US-60, and its exaggerated,large scale walk-in services are meant to draw one’s attention from a large shopping center parking lot.