Mount Crested Butte House

Situated at the base of Crested Butte’s Gold Link lifts and is oriented to the north to take advantage of expansive views of the Elk Mountains. The house is made up of four volumes which revolve around the living room/kitchen space. On approach from the drive, the entry appears between the main volume and the garage/office volume. Cypress siding boards and Colorado stone walls define these and the other two volumes off of the living space; the dining room and the master bedroom. A lower level defined as a stone base contains addition bedrooms.

The house uses a PV solar panel system for electricity and a solar thermal panel system for hot water. This hot water is used for radiant floor heating and normal household uses. The roof structure is composed of exposed glulam beams and SIPS panels for high insulation value. The walls are framed and utilize a foam insulation system to complete this highly efficient shell.